Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Can Be A Powerhouse

...you can feel the energy in the room change when they come in...they bring something special that is hard to describe; yet, every one on the team wants to be around them...I want to be that person too...


It's a funny thing that happens to people when they achieve a level of success that they perhaps only dreamt of earlier in their careers. All of the self-talk of "how they would do things differently" suddenly becomes real.

Now they have to back up those words with action. There is often a collective expectation that simply because one person has arrived that everything will be different.

Sometimes, one person can shift an entire culture...

Leveraging Power

I am a strong believer in bringing energy to my work. Acting like you really love what you are doing is essential for leaders. Am I right?

How many of us have listened to leaders complain, launch into king-sized eye rolls, and forever gripe about something?

Guess what? No one wants to work for that miserable soul.

The opportunity then, is to take advantage of the power we have to spread energy and enthusiasm across our organizations. It has to be consistent, sustained and intentional every day. 

It must become a mantra that moves from your task list, to your "how I lead" style of living.

How About You
Would you like to be considered the person that is always "on" and ready to attack the day? 

To me, there is no other option. Why in the world would I want to sit and watch while someone else dictates the culture of my organization?

Bring the energy!

I'd love to hear from you

No Excuses.


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