Thursday, September 15, 2016

Be Positive Everyday? What?, I mean people... are negative, and cynical, and snarky...and apparently that seems to be an appropriate excuse for behavior that never seems to change.

Our leadership colleagues lament the never ending struggle to build the right corporate culture that has high levels of engagement, strong retention, and breakthrough performance from the team.

...and they will continue to lament...because that's what most ineffective leaders do.

Your Team Is Not the Problem
It's fascinating to watch and listen as leaders spend massive amounts of time and energy trying to "figure out" their employees. 

Their excuses reign supreme:
- millennials
- old-timers
- ungrateful staff
- too new
- don't understand how things are done here
- not a good fit for "our culture"

As the leadership mob-mentality picks up steam, I typically either have to excuse myself to laugh in the hallway, or my eyes roll so far into the back of my head I black out for a moment.

The issues facing organizations today have little to do with figuring out employees. They have everything to do with leadership changing. Quick show of hands, how many leaders like changing their style to help their organizations compete and win?

None is the answer. Absolutely none.

Excuses for Everyone
The tricky part here is that many leaders talk about change, bang their fist on the table to show how committed they are (in the conference room, not in front of the staff), and generally make sure they have the current lingo down so they can appear as if they are in full control of what needs to be accomplished.

Well, I have to tell you...I don't believe a word of it.

When leaders bring a consistently positive approach to their work, employees notice.
When leaders bring a nonstop flow of energy to their work, employees notice.
When leaders power through difficulty and include the team, employees notice.
When leaders acknowledge that they are the root of the problem, employees notice.

How About You
What do your employees notice about you? Do they feel like some sort of science experiment that you are trying to figure out? Or, are you the rare blast of positive energy that they are longing to follow?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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  1. As a leader I personally do not pretent to know everything. I always try the collaborative approach and guide them towards the goal we have set. in that way they take ownership of themselves and are accountable for their actions. My team always know that I can be trusted and I believe in command responsibility. Lastly I make sure I know what my guys are doing and vice versa. I work within the team and work hard as part of the team. At time times I need to be tough but always doing it in a kind way. All for the goal and all for the team.