Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Describing the Future: Helping Your Employees Navigate Change

We’ve all said “change is difficult” throughout our careers. Yet why aren’t we getting better at it? Sure, we take a bit more of an inclusive approach these days…but again and again we read the “lessons learned” testimonials of organizations that have struggled.

Perhaps we’re on the right track, but missing one key piece? That piece might bring a greater number of employees into alignment with the leadership team’s vision for what is to come.

I recently attended the Conference Board’s Change Management conference and this theme played out repeatedly.

“If we don’t show our employees the future (or end state, or vision) we will NEVER get the buy in and commitment we need to move things forward with our change projects.”

Our teams will cling to the past…even if it wasn’t good…because they know it.

Our teams will cling to the present…even if it isn’t good…because they know it.

But our teams fear of the future…because it is unknown. 

How are you describing the future to your organization? Is it a big secret that is going to be unveiled at some point? Which, by the way, will send disruptive shockwaves throughout the employee base, even if it’s exciting news.

Remember, “change is difficult.” That applies to all change.

Telling your story…controlling the narrative…and at the very least committing to over-communicating will ensure everyone knows the direction you are headed and why you need to get there.

What approach are you taking?

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