Monday, May 6, 2024

(More) Wounds

Last week was more than I was ready for. It was one of those rare combinations when my professional and personal lives decided to ramp up the intensity simultaneously. I’m not planning on sharing the details here…rather…I’ve been reflecting on what that kind of pressure does to people.

And by people, I mean me.

The emotional rollercoaster I found myself on resulted in a couple of significant reactions. First, I was extraordinarily calm, at least initially. More so than I expected. It proved to be valuable as the twists and turns of the week played out in very serious ways. 

Calm…for me…has become a superpower. 

I’ll clarify here…that calm demeanor on the outside did not match what I was feeling on the inside. I knew though, that I needed to appear calm for all those who were relying on me. That list was (and still is) long.

It’s an odd experience to process in your head…when you feel like everyone is counting on you to come through…and somehow you find the strength to do it. I’m not boasting…I’m sharing how grateful I feel that I received the help I needed to deliver. That help was clearly my faith…because it sure wasn’t me “man-ing up” to be strong. 

New week starts today…same issues…but I’m a bit stronger knowing that not only did I get through last week, but that I’m better prepared for this one.

Thanks for being here.


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