Monday, January 26, 2015

Creeping Death

Some people are not afraid to try new "go for it" both in their work and personal lives. They are the ones everyone else typically watches in wonder as they make bold moves, take risks...and shockingly...make a difference.

I'm Too Busy To Try New Things
How many times have you heard the word "busy" in the last week? Heck, how many times have I said it? Answer --> too many! Effective immediately, let's drop that word from our vocabulary. "Busy" becomes our crutch...and that instills a negative mindset for us all.

Too often we allow ourselves, our colleagues, and our corporate cultures to become complacent. We accept work, and effort, and ideas that used to be pretty good. But in reality they simply are no longer effective or current. 

A creeping culture death moves into our world. We may not even realize that it is happening until we see someone else making a difference. Then we wonder....why am I still stuck in this place? 

Stop living in the's time for something more.

Life is about being great. Are you with me?

I'm Scared To Look Dumb If I Try New Things
I'm going to let you in on a little secret. No one looks dumb trying new things. No one looks foolish putting forth effort. The truth is that those that are too scared to try are secretly jealous of those that step up and go for it.

You can go for it too.

Challenge yourself, and those around you to fight the creeping death. Consider the team of people around you each day. All of that experience, energy, and commitment is not being fully realized. You have an opportunity to inspire them to elevate their game. 

How About You
It's time to find your voice. Speak out, and do not allow the creeping death to find a home in your organization. You are the one that will make the difference. That's why you're there.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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