Monday, January 19, 2015

I Was Me But Now He's Gone

I've known exactly how my career was going to play out for many years. Very early on my decisions about jobs, organizations, and geographic locations were calculated and thoughtful and intentional. Every move was part of a larger plan, and that plan was moving along according to my schedule.

Until now..

Careers Are So (Un)Predictable
As many of you know I have been in executive HR roles in hospitals for many years. I love the work that is done there, the mission of the organizations, and the feeling at the end of the day that my work actually contributes to the world in some small way.

How many of us can say that every single day?

Something unexpected happened over the last five years though, and it caught me off guard. The world changed. Suddenly HR, talent acquisition, marketing, brand, culture and social media were so integrated that I could no longer do my job effectively unless I built them into my leadership practice.

So I changed too.

Two Passions = New World
Once I understood the power of linking these strategies to the world of talent acquisition and communication, I realized the lens I held on to for so long was now out of focus. My old way of viewing the world just did not apply anymore.

I knew I had more than just a passion to lead HR teams at healthcare organizations. I also had a passion for helping organizations move into the world of contemporary HR practice. 

There are so many bright HR minds out there...yet so many of them are resistant to leveraging their experience in the modern world.

I want to be a part of their change too.

How About You
How is your career plan working out? Have you "stuck to your guns" and avoided making any drastic changes? Is so, why? Have you not watched the world change at a supersonic pace the last five years? It's time to put aside your traditional approaches and leverage your talent and experience in the modern world.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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