Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I'm lucky. I know it too. Sure hard work and taking risks significantly increases your chances of being lucky...but I know I'm just lucky anyway.

It didn't always feel that way. There were periods of time when the future was so unclear I thought I would never get through the fog. The pressures of working in the modern world just seemed to grow and grow...

- new technology
- new ways to work
- new leadership expectations
- new employee problems
- new beginnings

...and the list goes on.

Do Something
One of the most effective strategies I discovered as I was wandering through the fog, unsure and doubting myself, was this...

Do something. 

We can always freeze up and question ourselves about our own competencies, our ability to lead, or whether we are "really cut out for this or not."

You are cut out for your job. You can make a difference. You can realize the vision you have in your head. But you must take a step forward. One step is all it takes to regain your confidence, momentum, and energy.

How About You
If you're feeling the pressure more than ever remember that action is the antidote. You've already thought about these issues long enough, it's time for movement. You can do it....even if you don't believe that you are up to the task. Go for it today. Who knows, you might end up feeling just as lucky as I do.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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