Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Culture of Convenience

"The differentiator is the execution."

It's funny about corporate cultures, norms, and expectations. They differ so dramatically in every organization. I'm going through a period of incredible change and company, new role, new industry, new city, new, new, new.

Change Is The Best Thing Ever
Part of that change process is not only keeping an open mind as I learn the "rules" and get immersed in the incredible vibe at my new company, but also to learn the expectations and nuances of the clients we support. It's a good thing that I get such a rush from change, otherwise I'm sure I would lose my mind trying to adjust to so many new things in my life  (read here --> literally everything!)

Stay Focused

"Reality Check --> Part of learning lots of new things is to stay focused on one thing...execute your strategy better than anyone else."

I'll be honest with you, my "new world" is so damn exciting, and the people I have the privilege to work with have welcomed me so graciously that I can't quite believe that I get paid to do this work.

But I do...

...and with that comes an expectation (and a belief on my part) that my organization needs to perform at the absolute highest level possible in the industry...

...and that means I have to lead at the highest level too.

How About You
What's your plan? Are you pushing yourself and your organization to be the absolute best; or is it more convenient to just plod along and make excuses? 

In my hectic world of change I've decided being the best is the only thing that really matters.

You can be the best in your world too...if you want it badly enough. Go get it.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


  1. As the saying goes, you can have reasons or results. Not both.

  2. Change is good, so long as it can be bought into by all parties. If people are hesitant, the culture needs to change.