Monday, May 14, 2012

Ask Not What Social Media Can Do For You

I get lots of questions about social media. They range from the time commitment, to how to "do it," to what's in it for me. These are all fair questions, but they really miss the point of what social media is all about. Going social is not a "me"'s a "we" thing. It's about giving first and taking second. It's about supporting others and worrying abut yourself later.

It's called social media, not how-can-I-get-something-on-the-cheap-media. 

Baby Steps
If it's all new to you don't worry about it. It was new to everyone when they started too. Besides, it's not like social media has been on the scene for decades and you've simply been clueless and missed the whole thing.

Trish McFarlane has been writing some great posts about how to get started without feeling like you're completely out of touch (even if you are), so check out her site to keep learning.

How About You
As you begin investing your valuable time in social media, remember it's not about's about the social community. HR leaders must understand these tools for business, but don't be greedy right out of the gate.

Connect, follow, friend, and support your new colleagues. You won't regret it.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


  1. It's a we thing alright Jay, that's exactly how it works. Neil Morrison was online yesterday evening asking for thoughts and ideas to support a talk on management. Loads of folk were chipping in, building things, rebuilding things. And I am confident the next time I go looking for help I will find it. I don't know from whom, I just know I will. Reciprocity and the concept of what goes around are a live and well.

    Cheers - Doug

    1. Thanks Doug. It is amazing how our networks can produce for us, particularly after we've invested the time to support others. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Absolutely! Social media is all about the conversation - it's about talking with, not to your audience; it is about adding value to the conversation. The true essence of social media is above all else about two-way communication.